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Deep Sea Fishing Off The Coast Of Louisiana

Deep sea fishing in Louisiana is like all other fishing in the great state. Louisiana is known for its multiple species of inland-fish. The same rule applies when you go off shore for fishing. There are hundreds of different game fish to be caught off the coast of Louisiana from tuna, amberjack, dolphin, red snapper, kingfish, grouper, tarpon, mahi, sharks, and probably the most sought after fish of the sea… the Marlin.

It is known that the majority of the fish in the Gulf of Mexico are usually caught in the warmer months. This is not to say that you can’t go deep sea fishing in the cooler months, but if you do, you may be more limited on what you might catch, as some of the fish will migrate to warmer waters, in the cooler months. However, there is always some sort of fish in the Gulf, at all times.

”I can’t figure out when to catch certain fish…”

No problem. That is what I will try to explain throughout this page, is that certain kinds of fish are more commonly caught in certain times of the year. King fish come running through the Gulf in the hot months of June and July. They sometimes make another run in the fall, but it has been hard to pinpoint the exact time, as it has come at different times of the year and has not been consistent.

You have to remember that the weather can play a big influence of the parts of the year that the fish migrate here, as they would be here for longer periods of time if it were a “warmer than normal” year and they would be here less time if it were a “cooler than normal” year.

Spring time brings those big Yellow-Fin Tuna. They have such a good fight, for their size, as most fish that live in the ocean would, being as big as they are. Wahoo, dolphin, and the great Marlin will also show up in the Gulf at this time, as you should see plenty of action, if this is what you are out to get.

Trolling the waters can be a good way to find out exactly where the fish are and what kind of fish are around. You can cover massive amounts of water this way. Trolling is simply hooking you bait to a hook, casting it out behind the boat, and slowing trolling around in the boat, keeping a close eye on the fishing poles that are hooked to the back of the boat. This is the normal way that people fish for that record marlin, by trolling.

Shark fishing is a quickly rising hobby of offshore anglers. A lot of the time they will consider Drift fishing to be the way to go when looking for whatever kind of shark it is that you are wanting to catch. Commonly, fishermen “chum” the water prior to starting their fishing. Chumming the water will attract the shark, as they sense the blood from miles away. Chumming is only throwing out ground up bait, only to attract the shark.

When fishing offshore, you may want to try this. Have several poles, with several different baits, so that you can keep interest with the action. A lot of anglers like to troll for that big Blue Marlin, or record sailfish, but can get discouraged easily when they don’t get any action for a long time. It could even be days, and then again, it could be minutes, you just never know. Therefore, if you want that big marlin, or sailfish, definitely troll for it, but at the same time, have bait at different depths in the water, to keep your interest. There is always something biting on the bottom!

Fishing Guide Service

This is an excellent way to get the most out of your experience if you want to go deep sea fishing off the coast of Louisiana. These charter boats do this on a regular basis and they should be knowledgeable about what is most likely to be caught, depending on the time of year that you decide to take the trip.

Deep Sea Fishing in Louisiana is most common off of the coast in lower Plaquemines Parish, around Venice, and Grand Isle. Both of these places have many fishing guides, or charter boats, that you will want to look into taking if you are considering going offshore to fish. The Ocean can be a dangerous place for someone who doesn’t know where they are going or what they are doing. When going deep sea fishing, you will want to get to what they call the “Blue Waters.” Depending on where you are leaving from, it could take anywhere from 5 miles out, to 50 miles out, to get past the brown waters of the inland Gulf of Mexico. You will want someone that knows what they are doing and where they are going. You should consider a charter service that is fully insured and licensed by the United States Coast Guard (USCG).

No need to go home

If you book a deep sea fishing trip with a guide service, then it is likely that you will want to go back for the second and possibly third day. Not to worry, as there is no need in driving back and forth that far, as it could tire you as much, or more than fighting that big red snapper, or mahi, or amberjack! There are many RV camps if you want to just camp out in lower Plaquemines Parish, or there are many lodges that you could stay at for reasonable prices. The hospitality of the people in southern Louisiana is something like none other. You may have never met the people before, but it is likely that you will be invited to attend their camp-out crawfish and crab boils, and trust me, you can’t beat the food!