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Nudist Beaches in Majorca Names – Locations And How To Get To Them

There are a number of nudist beaches, or naturist beaches in Majorca.

Below is a list of eleven of the Majorca naturist beaches locations and maps showing how to get to them from the nearest town…

…but you may need to hire a car to visit some of them…

We have included a Google Map for each of the nudist beaches locations. This should help you to get there with no problems.

To save space we have reduced the map size, but you can click on the “View Larger Map” link on the bottom right corner to view a larger map…

…this will open in a new window.

I have pre loaded a route from the nearest town, but if you are at another location, you can, in the “View Larger Map” link drag and drop the green bubble to your location in Majorca to get full route instructions.

Remember you can always change to map view (top right hand corner boxes)for a clearer aerial view of the roads to the nnudist beaches.

Nude Sunbathing in Majorca is more popular now than a few years ago and accepted on many beaches and Calas (Coves) in Majorca.

There is no law which dictates dress code on the beach, hence topless sunbathing is the norm on any beach in Majorca.

There are a number of nudist beaches (or Naturist beaches) around Majorca for anyone who wants to “go all the way”

We would suggest for anyone who wants to try this for the first time, to go to one of the larger naturist beaches (for example Es Trenc) where you wil be one in hundreds.

It is a lot less intimidating when you are one of hundreds instead of one of six or seven.

Please respect nudist beach etiquette so if you have never been to one before, here are a few guidelines

  • Arrive at the beach with a bathing suit or beach wear, a flash of lingerie could be considered indecorous.
  • Do not gawk. it is classed as impolite.
  • Most nudist beaches are secluded with little or no amenities, take food and water with you.
  • Keep the beach clean, if you brought it with you, take it away.
  • Do not take photos of people without their consent.
  • Control your emotions, sexual activity is not only offensive, it’s also illegal.
  • If you are on a (non-nudist beach) beach, keep your swimsuit handy if you see people coming.

As a final point, please remember that although these are recognised nudist beaches, they are frequented by non nudists too.

Many of these nudist beaches are more remote than others…

…many are surrounded by beautiful scenery…

…and always worth a visit for a quiet relaxing day whether you practice nudism or not.

The South West Coast Nudist Beaches.

Cala Vinyes or Cala Viñas Beach, Calvia.

This is a very easy beach to reach, only a few kilometres from Magaluf.

It is 35 metres long by 90 metres wide and white sand with beautiful calm sea. Rental sun beds are available.

Cala des Monjo Beach, Calvia.

This is a nice pleasant Cala or Cove, low occupation, about 15 minutes walk along a good path,

up the hill then left, through the pine woods, from Cala Fornells, west of Paguera.

The East Coast Nudist Beaches.

Playa Es Trenc, Campos.

I have shown the route map from Campos, but choose your route from anywhere on Majorca. From Campos, follow the directions to Sa Rapita, then to Ses Covetes, then on to Es Trenc.

Es Trenc is the largest and best non resort beach on Majorca. 3 kilometres long by 30 metres wide.

The golden sands and clear blue waters make this beach of the best in Majorca. It is a very popular beach visited by thousands of people in summer.

Only the central part of the beach is a nudist beach, and one of the most famous and popular nudist beaches in Majorca. Well worth the visit, for nude sunbathing or not.

Playa Cala Petita. Porto Cristo.

A small 20 metres by 30 metres beach, not too busy and if you zoom in on the map, it is the first tiny Cala (Cove) you can see to the right of the letter B and a few hundred metres, across the headland and easy to walk to.

Cala Mesquida Beach, Capdepera.

This beach is 300 metres long by 130 metres wide, with basic facilities (Sun beds, Bar etc.). It has easy access and is a popular beach during the summer months.

Cala Torta Beach, Arta.

This beach, some 130 metres long by 220 metres wide is also worth a visit.

The beautiful sands and crystalline waters make this beach a favourite for many.

It is just about 2.4 kilometres east of Cala Mesquida Beach (see above).

Sa Canova Beach, Arta.

This beach, some 1800 metres long by 220 metres wide, is also worth a visit. It is a very long beach with plenty of secluded spots.

I have shown the route from can Picafort but you can easily park in nearby Sa Colonia and walk there.

It is just about 2.4 kilometres east of Cala Mesquida Beach (see above)

Es Cargol beach. Santanyi.

A large beach, of white fine sand some 500 metres long by 60 metres wide.It is an easy walk to the left along the coast or over the dunes.

The easiest rout is as shown, driving down the road, Camino del Far des cap de Ses Salines, (Ses Salines Point Lighthouse).

I have shown the route from the town of Santanyi.

The North East and West Coast Nudist Beaches.

Cala Mata Beach, Arta.

This beach is about 250 metres long by 8 metres wide. It is situated a few hundred metres from Betlem, a beautiful quiet town on the North coast, on the far eastern side of Alcudia Bay.

Playa Coll Baix Beach, Alcudia.

An excellent sandy beach, 220 metres long by 50 metres wide. rather remote, but well worth the trop if you have hired a car

Cala Figuera Beach, Pollensa.

This beach is around 14 kilometres from the Port of Pollensa and is 50 metres long by 40 metres wide.

If you decide to visit The Cap de Formentor, the spectacular peninsular and the northernmost point of Majorca, you pass this small beach en route.

The West Mountainous Coast has no nudist beaches, as far as we are aware.