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SV Mandalay Cruise Review

SV Mandalay is the oldest ship in Windjammer Barefoot’ fleet, but thanks to the total refurbishment in 1982 she still can offer memorable experiences. In fact, Mandalay together with SV Yankee Clipper are the only Windjammer’s ships which were built as personal yachts.

Basic information & facts

The SV Mandalay’s first owner was E.F. Hutton, who sold her 7 years later to G. Vettlesen. Before this beautiful three-masts barquentine with 400 tons of tonnage and length of 236 feet went into possession of Windjammer’s Company, she was also in service of Columbia University from 1953 and took part in the project of the theory of continental drift confirmation. After a major refurbishment in 1982 she is able to take on board up to 72 passengers and 30 crew members.


Like in case of other Windjammer’s ships you shouldn’t expect luxury dining aboard SV Mandalay. In fact, you will have your meals in small, (fortunately) air-conditioned room, with whom you want and in whatever you wish to wear, although men should wear shirts (women not necessarily). There is also option to dine in the bar on the top deck as well as on the visited beaches. The food is of high quality and very tasty, but you will not find as flamboyant meals as those served served aboard bigger cruisers


Cabins on SV Mandalay are small and modest for they serve only as a place to sleep, wash up and dress. There are no additional amenities, you must even take your own hair dryer. Storage place is also minimal, but big enough to put there all necessary clothes. There are no TV-sets or other facilities and only in the cabins of higher standard you will find normal beds, all others have two berths.


This Windjammer cruise ship offers unusual occasion to have close relationships with all passengers and crew members. In fact, at the end of a trip you will probably know all of their names and surely you will find a few new friends. The best opportunity to start friendship will be on the top deck, where the morning ritual of Bloody Marys and predinner Rum Swizzles take place.

Where does she go?

SV Mandalay sails throughout the Caribbean, visiting mainly Antigua and the Eastern Caribbean as well as the British Virgin Islands.